Nikola Belyakov

Azen is undoubtedly one of Europe’s finest carry players, and certainly one of the most refined players in his class. He has a natural ability to carry with any hero; whether it be a strong laning hero or late game win condition, Azen can utilize it to its fullest potential, and maximize its window of effectiveness as only a top class player can.

He is perhaps Europe’s strongest laning carry — a carry that doesn’t weaken his team’s laning stage if he solos, but rather strengthens it instead. His handling of semi-carries such as PotM and Lion represents the pinnacle of the European action-carry style, and his calm and confident play style make him an absolute pleasure to watch.

Azen has come a long way since his pub league star days, having played for teams all across Europe and even America, and is now one of the most experienced players on the pro scene. As he is now our very own carry player, we hope to see him grace our replay section with his brand of refined and technical DotA for years to come.

Kuro Salehi Takhasomi

KuroKy has been a fixture of the GosuGamers replay section for years, and his inspirational performances dating back to the tender days of WE and Mouz (and when GG.net replays averaged 10 comments apiece) have contributed greatly to the to the current popularity of DotA and GosuGamers. Many essays’ worth of words have been written about this singular talent, and so there is very little we feel we can add.

KuroKy was once one of DotA’s most game-breaking solo/carry players and has since become one of DotA’s most unique and intelligent utility players. While he retains his natural knack for carrying and ganking, and the occasional crowd-pleasing flourish, he has used his experience to become one of DotA’s most versatile and effective players.

KuroKy is truly a trendsetter and innovator in DotA, and more than anyone in that has existed in the history of GosuGamers, he is “autodl.” We hope that with the backing of GosuGamers.net and its community his influence in 2011 will reach further than it ever has before.

Jesper Nyhlén

As every player on NWO is exceptionally versatile, it is only fitting that their primary support player is Europe’s most versatile support. Mirakel is European DotA’s foremost support/gank player, and one of the very first of his kind. A player whose skills are criminally wasted in a babysitting lane, Mirakel has been playing ganking/roaming/annoying supports his entire career. He has made a name for himself not only on the strength of his lane control and warding knowledge, as many other supports have, but also on the strength of his natural ganking skills and versatility.

It is no coincidence Mirakel has played for some of the most dynamic and exciting teams in the history of DotA; some of those teams might never have existed without his unique talents.

Mirakel is one of Europe’s only true “4th position” players, and as the metagame shifts and demand for these types of support players grows, we at GosuGamers are truly giddy at the fact that we have one of the “OG”s of the support/gank tradition.

Rene Werner

Kebap joined GosuGamers as the golden solution, magically filling a gap that could not have been of a more critical extent. The 21-year-old support specialist is considered premier in his guild and can, together with KuroKy and H4nni, count himself to an elite circle of German DotA players who were part for an International top team, not only since his joining of Team GosuGamers. Under the banner of TheLastTry, which later became fnatic’s official DotA team, he supported his allies to the DreamHack Summer 2009, as well as the Gamescom 2009 championship titles.

As a player, Kebap commits to making virtual life for his carry as easy as possible, constantly trying to deliver the best map overview through wards, or actively fighting back attackers of any kind.

Through the addition of Kebap and his abilites to our DotA squad, the sadness about the departure of our former captain Clement ‘Puppey’ Ivanov, flew away in no time making us look forward to a bright and hopeful future again.

Download the Team GosuGamers wallpaper:

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